Saturday, March 9, 2013


So the other day at work our computers froze up and I had to start taking all the drive through orders to the front counter. It was one of those, hahahahah I can pull my phone out while on the clock in front of the cameras, and I won't get in trouble moments. I was looking back through my photos and laughed all over again. For some odd reason I really love my job. I guess it's cause I'm around food and I get to work with people. My managers and coworkers don't get it at all. They think I'm crazy, which is true. But I'm really blessed to have amazing managers, who hand me my schedule and say write I what u want to work. Even more I love when people say "oh, you work fast food, that's the bottom of places to work." Or "oh, so u flip burgers, haha no I stuff tacos." And if you are ever bored go through a drive thru backwards, it makes my day when somebody does that in my drive thru. But please never come thru my drive thru and order 4 taco 12 packs, I will make fun of you. Lol so hers the pictures that you may look and and be like, "okay, whatever." But that make me laugh, and they have a story behind them. And what would I have done without a smart phone with a camera to help out. See technology is a cool thing, iPhones are amazing.

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